10 Creative Tricks for Organizing Jewelry to Keep a Long Lasting Shine


As your jewelry begins to pile up, you will be struggling to keep them clean. This is because when they are stored together in a drawer or jewel box, they will rub the sparkle off each other. Jewelry stores always stock jewelry that you cannot resist. In keeping up with organizing your jewelry in a way that they will maintain their sparkle, you will need to be creative. Organizing your jewelry with not only keep them clean and bright, but will also increase room on your dressing table and improve your interior décor. Here are 10 creative ways of organizing your jewelry.

1.     Wild/domestic animal hangers

These are hangers on which you can use to hang your necklaces and bracelets. They are amazingly beautiful against an accent wall. The animal hangers are also easy to make using small animal toys that are affordable. You will need to cut the animal toys into halves. After making the places that they will place in a wooded plank, you can paint the plank in your favorite color. Stick the plastic toys on the wooden plank using glue. You can then hang the plank on the accent wall and voila! Your jewelry is organized.

2.     Using a creative chalk-board cubby

This is simply made by attaching empty tape rolls to a larger cork board creating some cute small cubbies where you can store your jewelry. You may not find this in jewelry stores, but it is surely a creative way of organizing your jewelry. You can color the empty tape rolls and the corkboard as you desire.

3.     Hinged wooden planks

If you have two planks of wood, you can paint, spray and attach hinge to them. You can then go ahead and fix some hooks and you will have a simple, but wonderful jewelry hanger. This is usually used to hang necklaces and bracelets.

4.     Painted Burlap hangers

Framed and painted pieces of burlaps can make very good jewelry hangers.  They can be multipurpose as they are used as art pieces and jewelry hangers at the same time. This can be bought or created at home. The sizes of the painted burlap will vary according to the number of jewelry that you want it to hold. It also comes in different shapes and designs.

5.     Leather and twig

Using a rustic twig and a piece of leather is creative and inexpensive. When you have bought many jewelry pieces from the jewelry store, it is difficult to buy addition storage for them. Space is also limited. All you need to make this hanger is an old leather strap, a stick, an S hook and hot glue gun.

6.     Using scrap book paper and photos

Use scrap book paper to cover a piece of wood. Add your favorite photos and use it to make a beautiful hanger for your jewelry. The memories of your loved one will be there whenever you reach out to take that bracelet.

7.     Using a lace hanger

You can dye a piece of lace with any color of your choice and hang it using a hooker on the wall. The wonderful hanger will be used as a hanger mostly for your earrings. All the items that have been used are at home.

8.     Ram Dish

Using small plastic animals attached to plates or saucers. You can color the plastic animals with your won theme colors. All you need is a dish, the plastic animals and some glue to tick the two together. This is mostly used to hold rings and some bracelets.

9.     Stacked plates

This is done by stacking plates together using a brass candle stick. This is used for jewelry that can be put together on the plate. These are good for jewelry such as earrings and wedding rings or bands.

10.  Grater hanger

This is quite simple to create. You can spray paint a grater and use it as a jewelry hanger. This is mostly used for hanging short pieces of jewelry like earrings. The good thing with this hanger is that it is hand held and portable. You can also choose your earrings with ease.

Most of the ways of organizing jewelry are in a DIY technique. Jewelry stores play a very important role on advising customers how to organize them. There is some jewelry that lose their sparkle when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, the locations of some of the hangers have to be in a place where they are not in direct exposure to the sunlight. Driftwood makes a great display rack, like you might find from jewelry stores in RI or another coastal area, and helps match the decor of your locale.

When you’re ready to buy more jewelry, you’ll find plenty on the web that are unique and hand crafted– and supports crafters here in our country. Not only that, but you may also be ready to purchase hand crafted jewelry boxes – there are plenty on sites such as Etsy, or ebay.


Check out this video for more tips on storing your jewelry!