6 Resources on earning a living making jewelry

If you’ve ever thought about going into the jewelry making business, you’ve assuredly asked yourself many of the same questions as those who have both succeeded in selling jewelry, as well as those who may have opted to discontinue due to the common doubts that plague every new business owner. Below are resources to give you a boost in the right direction; answering some of the most daunting issues and confirming the correct intuitions you may already have! Good luck in your new venture! Before you get too far, though, be sure to look at our article on trends for 2016

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Some topics for you to consider researching:

  • Can I Make a Living Selling Jewelry
  • How to Make Money Selling Jewelry
  • Selling Your Jewelry
  • 12 Biggest Mistakes Jewelry Designers Make
  • Starting a Jewelry Business?
  • How to Start  a Jewelry Business