Feature: Walk-in Closet and Jewelry Storage



In general, there are three design possibilities for walk-in closets. There’s an L shaped walk-in closet, a U shaped walk-in closet, and a regular, straight walk-in closet. The L shape walk-in closet leaves more room for you to walk around, while the U shape walk-in closet has three separate walls. The U shape walk-in closet gives the maximum amount of space for storage. The regular, straight walk in closet allows different his/her sides, and is good for organization and or division. If you are lucky enough to live in one of the many waterfront properties RI natives know as “The Mansions”, you probably get to pick any size and shape for your closet!

When you own a lot of jewelry/accessories, and seasonal items that need to be stored for a whole year, having dedicated storage for all the stuff you need to pack away makes it a whole lot easier, and less stressful to find the stuff you need, when you need them. It’s always a good idea to add plenty of drawers to your closet design. A good looking organizational plan consists of good closet space, drawers, shelving, hanging space, and good cabinets. These keep the closet from becoming to cluttered.


Specifically when it comes to your precious jewelry, know that they can be easily stored in your walk-in closet where they will be put away, yet easy to reach. Whether you have  jewelry that are only for special occasions, or special, antique collections that have been handed down through the family – there’s always a neat and organized way to store it. You can find various containers for your jewelry, cosmetics or accessories at a store such as The Container Store to suit all your needs.


It is important to choose the correct style of walk-in closet for your house. You want the style to match your house, and the colors of your walls. Pick a style, and stick with it. It is important to use a style that really looks cohesive with your clothes. White is the best color, hands down, for a walk-in closet. The color white is very high in contrast, and is bright in what is usually a dark room. If you have a lot of extra space, consider putting in a dressing island! If you’re going to get one, be sure to get one that includes many shelves or drawers. You can stick other accessories in there as well, such as bracelets, make-up, jewelry and jewels. The more space you have, the better!