Jewelry Tips To Help You Accessorize Your Business Attire for Success


Here are 5 great tips so you can get it right every time


Each piece of jewelry must add some contrast or benefit to your outfit. 

As the famous Coco Chanel said; “Before leaving the house, a lady needs to stop and look into the mirror, really look, and remove some of that jewelry.” It’s pretty good advice, and still works. Also, check to see if you need to add a piece of jewelry to your outfit before you leave; having too much jewelry, and not having enough, are common mistakes when trying to look cute. Just because its sentimental or nice or something doesn’t mean you should wear it with literally every single outfit.

Each piece must match your body frame and/or facial features.

The way to success in your outfit is to control where ‘the eye goes.’ When you dress well, the spotlight is on you, and the person (or people) that you’re talking to focus on what you’re saying, not those orange and cyan 1970’s earrings that you have on, or the shoulder pads under your shirt.

Each piece of must be special, on occasion, and especially outfit appropriate. 

Today’s fashion and style rules are lenient, unlike those back in the day. Wearing baubles or shiny necklaces during the day is okay; with standard work and business meetings, it’s totally fine. However, wearing that during a closing trial argument probably isn’t the best because they will be drawn to the necklace, and not what you’re saying.

Each piece must be matching and flexible with what you’re wearing.

The point of classy accessories and jewelry is to make your outfit more interesting. A great jewelry buy is when it’s not only a beautiful piece, has a great price, but also matches your completion and your outfit.  One of my pet peeves is about wearing strictly matching jewelry; seriously, 99% of the time a matching necklace and earrings adds absolutely nothing to the interest of your outfit. Not only is it outdated (to an extent) it’s not adding anything new or vibrant.

That’s it! There are many beautiful pieces of jewelry you can add to our outfit that adds the finish touches to your outfit. Take your pick, but always keep in mind these tips, as they will help you make your style look great, and will make you look professional! Good luck!

There are so many options for style, but it all depends on your work  work environment


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